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The Hunter’s Moon, prequel part 6

One deep breath into the club and I knew I had come to exactly the right place. The smells in the air were perfect for a werewolf’s nose. Food, drink, and sex permeated the air, pushing out the odors of the outside world and filling my olfactory with both comfort and desire. The wolf in me rumbled with deep pleasure, even the incubus felt a deep satisfaction from the environment. Dark and sultry corners lurked everywhere, occupied by supernaturals of every kind taking care of emotional, spiritual, and carnal needs. Once through the foyer, the main dance floor came into view, regaling me with the spectacular sight of a hundred bodies moving in time to a beat that only thrummed at the very edge of my hearing. Spells dampened the sound outside the dancefloor so that conversation could take place easily, but I could see the entranced state of the dancers and knew the music there would be loud enough to overcome every other noise.

The bar stretched the length of the club on one side with ten bartenders keeping the patrons happy. I felt a relieved smile crawl across my face as I made my way to an unoccupied bartender. He gave me an easy-going smile and slapped his rag onto the bar. “What can I getcha?”

A strange scent wafted to me from his question: mesquite wood smoke and rose potpourri. My question must have been written all over my face because he chuckled gave me a cockeyed smirk. “I’m a vamp-bitten wolf. Name’s Adam.”

He held out a friendly hand and I took it. “Alex. How about a whiskey, double, on the rocks?”

Adam gave me a quick nod. “Cominup.” He danced to a bottle, his movements quick and competent. “You want something to munch with this?”

The dialect gave me a chuckle. I had been in France long enough to have forgotten how American accents sounded. “What’s on the menu?” I asked, smothering my laughter with the question.

“We cater to all sorts. Whatever you need, we can make.”

“Then give me a rare burger and ch—fries.” When in American, speak American.

“Sure thing. Everything on it or special order?”

“Everything is fine.”

Adam swung over to the kitchen window and shouted my order to one of the cooks back there. When he was satisfied that he had been heard, he came back over to me. “You gonna sit at the bar or you want a number for a table?”

“I’ll sit here for now, thank you.”

He nodded again and went on to the next customer, who knew him by name and greeted him like an old friend. Given enough time, I thought Adam and I could be friends as well.

I turned on my bar stool and looked over the people scattered about. There were tables full of people drinking, chatting, and having fun. Across the dance floor from me was a section dedicated to comfort—couches, recliners, even beds occupied that space and were in turn occupied by a menagerie couples in the throes of love and lust. My incubus pushed me hard to go join the fun over there. I tamped it down, but admittedly, that looked like my kind of fun.

As I was contemplating the perfection of the club, a tall blond werewolf sauntered up to me with a lusty gaze. She gave me that come-hither gaze and held her hand out to me. “Gotta dance in you?”

Dear God, yes!

“Order up!”

Adam’s voice distracted me long enough to clear the temptation of my incubus away and smile at the blond. “Sure thing. Let me eat first,” I patted the seat beside me and turned to my platter. The portions were perfect for a hungry wolf.

The woman sidled up beside me and stole a fry. “I can wait…if you’re in the mood to share.”

I felt the pain of the flash just in time to look at my plate and hide my eyes. “I’ll share, but I’m not a free lunch, chérie.”

She leaned in to my ear, nipping it lightly with her perfectly straight teeth. “Neither am I.”

Her response sent a shiver of desire down my back. I could handle a woman who knew what she wanted and my wolf was begging me to take her. I keep my two halves balanced, but the wolf gets what the wolf wants. The burger retained my attention no more. I stood and nodded to the dance floor. “Let’s dance.”

The blond took my hand and pulled me along, a knowing smile lifting her cheeks. As soon as I stepped my foot on the dance floor, my previous ruminations were proven true. The music thumped in my chest and drowned out the noise of every other thing around me. For a moment I lost the ability to think, but as soon as the blond started swaying in front of me, I knew I didn’t need to.

Club music designed to bring out the carnal nature of weres encased my entire being—every anxiety feeding my fears fell away as the music took me. Naturally, I matched my moves to my partner’s, swaying with her, stomping and pounding, shimmying after her. She moved into the crowd, slowly stripping her inhibitions and mine away. Somehow I lost my shirt, but I didn’t notice when. She had slipped her dress away and slid her barely clothed body up and down mine, keeping her rhythm and changing mine. Bare-breasted, she danced with her back to me, lifting her arms around my neck, inviting my caresses.

My incubus and werewolf were in agreement, Take her now.

I let them out to play.


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