Thoughts and Musings

Learning from Experience: POV

Kissing Demons is written in the 1st person POV from Geneva Archer’s perspective. This limited POV makes it more difficult to really experience Alex as her partner and lover. So what have I learned from the experience of writing everything (except that one blip) from Geneva’s POV?

First, I learned that my audience wants more from my men. As a result of this revelation to me as an author, Falling Angels is from Ambrose’s point of view instead of Lavinia’s. I tried to work it out to have them both narrating, but I discovered that it just wasn’t going to work the way I wanted. Now I am deciding if I am going to narrate Ambrose’s story in a linear fashion or if I am going to alternate between the past and the present.

Second, I learned the difference between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance really is in the POV. There are other elements, of course, but UF works well from the 1st person and PNR works best from the limited omniscient POV.

Third, I have discovered that writing in the 1st person is like taking on a different character than your own for as long as it takes you to write the story. Geneva is certainly a reflection of myself, though not me at all, either. Ambrose is a challenge. He is sarcastic and hateful, bitter and remorseful–I am none of those things. Sarcasm is my husband’s forte; hatefulness is something I have experienced once in my life and intend to never, ever, ever experience again. I have nothing I am bitter about in my life because I’ve had a relatively good life, and my regrets are few and far between. Even the things I wish I hadn’t had to experience aren’t really worth remorse because I would not be who I am today without them. I would not have my two beautiful children and my wonderful husband without all the hurtful things in my life. I can’t even bring myself to want to change my past because my present is good. So, Ambrose is a challenge that I am learning to meet with a lot of reading and discussion with my husband.

What can I say? I know the challenges of writing in 1st person, but I can’t help myself. Maybe I will promote Falling Angels as a PNR/UF cross-over. What do you think?



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