Thoughts and Musings

Kissing My Demons

I started writing Kissing Demons out of desperation.


Yep, desperation.

I was a brand new mom with an 8 month-old and my husband had left me and my daughter to pursue his drug interests. I have a degree, a BA in Biblical Text, so basically I new how to translate ancient near eastern manuscripts into English. Not a huge job market for that. I was desperate to make a life for my daughter. I had been writing fiction for years, just practice with my BFF. We co-wrote story upon story (fifty or more between high school and college). I am an avid reader, devouring books like cotton candy. Paranormal Romance was my favorite treat, so I decided that I could make a go at this genre. I was so naive.

Almost six years later I have Kissing Demons. My editor, Jessica Augustsson, has helped me become a better writer. The first draft of Kissing Demons was puke on a page–my desperation was evident throughout the entire story. With a lot of guidelines and suggestions from Jessica, I rewrote more than half of the book…twice. I chopped, cut, added, cut again, and rewrote until carpal-tunnel started knocking at my door, and then I ignored my insistent guest until I had a polished manuscript.

I have a lot of support from my family and especially my second husband, who has turned my desperation into delight. Alex morphed from a non-character who was a reaction to betrayal and hurt in my own life, into a romantic hero inspired by my life after divorce. Geneva became a stronger character when I realized just how strong I was: a single-mom, working, providing, giving my best to my daughter and receiving enough at every turn. My daughter has never wanted for food, clothing, or shelter, and she is an amazing girl. My life has been poured into my writing, I have kissed my own demons in order to bring you the best story I could, so when you read Kissing Demons, you participating in an intimate interview with the author:


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