Infernos, part 13 

Shadows pressed in on Michael’s vision, creating a tunnel at the end of which was a bright fiery light. Dropping his fight against the Destroyer’s torture, Michael reached for the light. A steel cable pulled him to the fire. It wanted him and he wanted it. His hand grasp a familiar hilt, it had been made for him, he knew it with the intimacy of a brother; it was his sword–Angelos Thanatou–Angel of Death.

The Destroyer screamed with an unearthly wail of hatred and despair, recognizing his opponent. Michael fell toward the floor, but landed on his feet, striking out at the Destroyer with a fiery flash of angelic metal. The Destroyer tried to escape the blade, but fell micro-meters short.

Black poison seeped from a superficial wound. It was a scrape, but the Destroyer was finished. Pain, like the fire from a trillion stars ripped through the disgusting creature. Tortured, unending screams echoed though the cavern piercing every eardrum, stilling every breath.

Memory washed over Michael. He had forgotten who he was, but holding his dear friend he remembered. Two lives melded into one: Michael the human and Michael the Archangel. He remembered both and why he had come to this place.

With a single strike, he ended the Destroyer’s wails and then ran to Emma. She couldn’t die, she was needed. He needed her.

Her prone body looked like nothing more than a rag doll. She was pale and blue. He knelt in a sticky puddle of her precious life-blood. She was near death.

Light enveloped the cavern, emanating from Michael’s lips. Gently he bowed to her, kissing her forehead. Miraculous healing spread over Emma, pulling her in a single moment from the edge of death back into glorious life. Her breath caught in her chest and she gasped, eyes wide, startled by her own life.

A collective sigh escaped from the townspeople. Michael pulled Emma to him, embracing her with relief. “You live again, Emma.”

“Who are you?” She asked, pulling away.

Michael squeezed her tightly. “Your protector is gone, Emma. I came to take his place.”

“Jared? Is he dead?” Fear and concern snaked through her. Jared had protected her since before she could remember.

Michael shook his head. “No, he is not, but he cannot protect you anymore. Don’t fear for him, he is happy.”

“You will protect us now?”

“I swear it.”



6 thoughts on “Infernos, part 13 

  1. Holy crap, Jared was a protector? Yeah, you better have a novel or novella with Jared’s name on it cause I want to read it. I knew he wasn’t such a slimy bugger. 😉
    I do like the ending. Wait, Emma… is she the same Emma from Kissing Demons or am I just stretching?


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