Infernos, part 12

Emma fell to the ground in an unnatural lump. Her legs splayed outward, turned at sickening angles. Blood seeped slowly out from beneath her where the Destroyer’s talons had punctured her. She was going to bleed out. 

 Michael desperately clawed for freedom. Save her! Do something! Save her! 

 The Destroyer knocked him again, jarring every bone in his body. Something sticky and wet began crawling all over him. Creeping snakes slithered under his skin, touching a part of Michael he hadn’t ever noticed. It was a place of power, the place where his life began, where his life sustained itself. It was more than food, drink, and air– it was his life-force.

Never had he been violated, but this monster entered him without a mote of resistance. He couldn’t let this happen. He was going to die, but he didn’t have to die like this. He would not die like this

 Determination replaced fear. Courage strengthened resolve. Power overwhelmed helplessness. Michael pushed the Destroyer back and a flaming sword reached for its owner.


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