Infernos, part 11

Metallic blood swarmed into the mortal’s mouth and nose, igniting the Destroyer’s delight. Joyfully, the Destroyer hit him again, playing death with the little human because he could, because he wanted to, because he liked to see the fear and pain in his victims eyes; he needed his victims to fear him and feel the pain he brought with him.

The woman had fallen from his grip, too weak to sustain life any longer, but the man was strong. Much stronger in spirit and will. He wanted to live, and he held on to his life-force with every bit of his innate strength. The mortal’s fight with death amused the Destroyer. He liked to play with the ones that fought back. Frail though they were, sometimes the torture could last for hours before they expired.

More than the game of death, the Destroyer needed his victims to live longer. Their life-energy, the chi within them, fed his insatiable hunger. Without their chi, he would wither and eventually one of this brothers would kill him.

Tendrils of leeching tongues crept over his victim, sucking at the chi. Fear ripened it for the Destroyer, but pain made it savory. The man was ready to become the Destroyer’s feast.

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