Infernos, part 5

Trilling robins pecked at the morning’s glories, scattering music into the air all around Emma. Their welcome songs comforted her after a long night with her guest. Fever had taken its grip on him through the night causing episodes of rampage and fear. The brilliant rays of morning light brought peace to him at last.

Assured that today he would awaken, Emma prepared herself for his arrival. Donning a billowing lavender sundress, she took a woven twig basket into the gardens. Bright red apples gleamed at her, snow peas shuffles in the breeze, a large red pepper smiled at her.

She harvested a variety of fruits and vegetables, spreading her breakfast table with the bounty of her gardens. Soon the aromatic scents of sweet bread filled her home, with fresh cinnamon and nutmeg, stewing purple blackberries, and tantalizing bacon.

As she stirred the syrup, a prickle of awareness ran up her spine. Turning slightly, she smiled at her guest.

“Welcome back.”

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