Infernos part 3

A cool breeze wafted over Emma’s skin like a thousand fairies fluttering all around her. She squeezed crystal clear water from a rag and ran it over her guest’s fitful brow. He had slept for days, but she had stayed by his side, cooling his fevers, dripping cold broth to soothe his parching throat, keeping him alive.

The tingling sensation of unseen eyes pricked her neck. Emma turned to her window where two pairs of twinkling sky-blue eyes stared at her against alabaster cheeks. She smiled and winked before they giggled at her and ran away. She returned to her guest, cooling his pink cheeks again.

He could have been one of the gods of ancient times. Baal would have been proud of this son. Curling locks of mahogany hair swirled his head in a beautiful array of tiny halos; full sensuous lips parted willingly to take her nourishment and quietly whisper memories of days gone by. His strong jaw was peppered with blacks, browns, reds, and blonds just under his lower lip. He had come to her clean-shaven; she smirked.



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