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When Reordering My Thoughts

I’ve been stuck in a moment of writer’s block for a few days, unsure how to continue my second novel without losing my characters in the format of the story. Falling Angels, book #2 of the Guardian novels, has been an up and down ride for me. My first draft of the story was lost for all time before I learned to use thumb drives. It devastated me because I was on a roll with my character and his voice. It was a beautiful project for me. When I lost it, I almost decided not to try to rewrite it. But after much encouragement from my mother and a lot of conversations with my father, I finally decided to give it another go.

When I started, I changed my plan, I decided to give the reader two POVs to get the story from: the hero and the heroine. It was much easier for me to write the heroine’s POV because I was still bummed about the loss of my hero’s voice. As I have gotten into the story, however, I’ve come to the point where I know where I am heading with the plot, but am dissatisfied with the heroine’s voice because while I love her as a character, she just isn’t the best character to tell this story.

So yesterday, while napping my son, I reordered my thoughts on Falling Angels and have come to the conclusion that half of what I have written just has to go and the story needs to be told from my beautiful, sarcastic, wonderful, self-loathing hero, Ambrose’s point of view.

Time to get to rewriting…


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