Thoughts and Musings

Getting My Social Media Guru On

I’m a new indie author and finding my niche has been an adventure that I couldn’t have expected when I started. I knew how to use Facebook because I’ve been on it since before it was for more than just students. I’d never created a fan page, but I figured out how to successfully manage mine in about two days.

Twitter was a completely new adventure for me. I didn’t know a thing about how to use it for promoting myself and my book. I made a few mistakes initially, following bots, not thanking my followers and retweeters, but the more time I spent on it the more savvy I became. I’ve won at Twitter for days now. I’ve only been on it 18 days and I have well over 250 followers and constant retweets and favorites. It’s a nice feeling figuring out a social media network!

Pinterest is confusing the hell out of me. I’ve never used it and I still haven’t gotten it figure out! Somehow I will learn to use it to my advantage, but I am going to have to do some reading and researching. And really, I love both of those activities, so onward ho!

Goodreads has been a life-saver! I’ve joined several groups, but the one I am most active with is the Read Romance, Write Romance group. They are an awesome bunch of writers and readers who have been encouraging and helpful in every way. Some days I just have to check in with them to keep my creative juices flowing and my tendency toward herimitism at bay.

I’m still looking all around the web for great places to promote my book and other indie authors. I read indie, I write indie, and I want to see this version of the publishing industry succeed.

Here’s KISSING DEMONS, a paranormal romance for the reading junkie in you. Enjoy!


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